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Import Inventory List
Import Inventory List

This article describes how to import inventory lists and how to download sample .csv templates.

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This article explains how to import inventory lists, where you can directly import inventory data directly. To find out the steps to import an inventory list, please read more.

Download the Inventory Template

Before you import the Inventory list, please download the CSV file that we have provided. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Open the Inventory submenu on the Catalog menu.

Step 2

Click the Import button.

Step 3

Click the sample CSV template, then the sample CSV template will be downloaded automatically.

Step 4

Please fill in the sample CSV template that you downloaded. Following is an example of filling in the sample CSV template.

All you have to do is fill in the SKU and the quantity of stock for each outlet. Naming the outlet starts with Inventory_ and is followed by the name of the outlet (all space characters are replaced by underscore / underscore (_))

Step 5

After all the data is inserted correctly, please press the Import button and select Upload File, then select the CSV file that already contains the desired data.

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