In integrating with Accurate, you need to map the outlets that you have in iSeller to be integrated with the connected Accurate database. In addition to outlets, you can also do a mapping on online stores or other sales channels that you have.

Later, business processes that occur at outlets, online stores, or other sales channels will be recorded in accounting at Accurate.

To be able to do outlet mapping, please follow these steps.

Step 1: In the Channel and Outlet Mapping pane, select the outlet or channel you want to integrate.

Then, select Add.

Step 2: Then a pop up account mapping page will appear. You need to do account mapping from the Outlet or Channel that you have selected as shown below.

Fill in the account mapping data consisting of Branch, Warehouse, iSeller Pay MDR Account, Payout Account, Payment Account, and Sales Account. Some payment and sales accounts are set up by default by iSeller to make mapping easier for you.

Step 3: Determine the Branch (Branch) and Warehouse (Warehouse) that will integrate data and inventory with Accurate.

  • Branch: In this column, you are required to select a branch that you have created in Accurate or you can add it directly on the page. To manage the list of branches in your store such as creating branches, changing branches, and deleting branches, please visit the Branches article.

  • Warehouse: In this column, you are required to select the warehouse that you have created in Accurate or you can add it directly on the page. To manage the warehouse list in your store such as creating warehouses, changing warehouses, and deleting warehouses, please visit the Warehouse article.

Step 4: Define iSeller Pay MDR Account. In this column, you need to map out iSeller Pay payments whose payouts will first go to your iSeller account and then iSeller will make settlements to your account.

Then, specify a Payout Account.

Step 5: Determine the Payment Account. In this column, you can map payments according to your wishes with the available account names (COA).

Step 6: Define a Sales Account. In this column you can map the sales account to your liking with the available account names (COA).

If everything has been mapped, please select the Save button.

Step 7 : If there is a plus sign on the outlet you are integrating, it means that your outlet has been successfully integrated.

Please select the Activate button as shown below to complete the Outlet Mapping process.

Please note, if you want to add a new outlet or channel that you want to integrate with Accurate, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Outlet : If you want to add a new outlet to be integrated with Accurate, then you need to choose or create a different warehouse because one outlet is for one warehouse only.

  • Online Stores and other Sales Channels: If you want to add an online store or other sales channels to integrate with Accurate, then you can choose the same warehouse as the outlet.

The picture above shows that the Main Outlet and Outlet Kelapa Gading use different warehouses. Meanwhile, the Online Store can choose the same available warehouse.

In addition, iSeller provides integration for the first outlet for free. If you enable integration of more than one outlet, there will be an additional charge for the second and subsequent outlets. Meanwhile, if you integrate multiple accounts on the same marketplace / sales channel into Accurate, then you will not be charged per connected account, but only 1 marketplace account / sales channel will be charged.

Then, if you want to create a list of accounting account names (COA) according to your wishes and type of business, you can first list the accounts at Accurate according to your wishes. For more details, please visit the article Understanding Chart of Accounts (COA).

Outlet mapping in iSeller to Accurate is complete. For the next step, you can do Product Mapping Between iSeller and Accurate.

To understand better The Outlet Mapping in iSeller to Accurate. You can watch the following video.

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