Loyalty points are used to increase customer loyalty by giving points for every purchase made. Please follow the steps below to activate the Loyalty Points feature.

Step 1

Enter the Marketing menu and then the Loyalty sub-menu.

Step 2

In the Loyalty Point Settings column, please activate the button that we marked with the red box. If the button is blue, then the Loyalty Point setting is active.

Step 3

When you activate the button, you will see a new look like the following.

In that section, you can fill in the amount of spending which will then be converted into loyalty point.

Using the example image above, the Loyalty settings applied are for every purchase of Rp 100,000 (one hundred thousand rupiah), the customer will earn 100 loyalty points. Only registered customers can get loyalty points.

Step 4

Click Save to apply the activation of the loyalty point.

Loyalty Settings for each Product

After the loyalty points feature is activated, you can set loyalty points that are earned on each product. To learn more, read Product Loyalty Points Settings.

In addition to arranging exchange loyalty point, loyalty points can also be exchanged for products in your store. To arrange redemption, please read the Gift Exchange Settings article.

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