In the article Accurate Integration Settings, you have learned how to integrate iSeller with Accurate and the features that can be used from the integration of the iSeller add-on with Accurate. This article will explain the effect of the enabled features and their impact on Accurate.

Product Synchronization

If you have previously imported products in Accurate after you integrate, the products in your store will be mapped to the warehouse you have chosen.

To see your items in Accurate, please go to the Inventory menu and then the Goods & Services sub-menu.

Inventory Synchronization

When there is a transfer of goods between outlets/stock adjustments/stock taking, you must synchronize your inventory to Accurate.

For example, there was a transfer of 5 items for Item Code AD23 from Main Outlet to Second Outlet.

After the item transfer is successfully recorded in iSeller Accounting Sync and the status is Successful, the moving stock of the item will be recorded in the Transit balance (AOL System) in Accurate as shown below.

After the process of moving the AD23 Goods Code successfully received by the Second Outlet from the Main Outlet as shown below.

After the transfer of goods between outlets at iSeller has been synchronized to Accurate, the goods for Item Code AD23 in the Main Outlet will decrease by 5 pieces and increase by 5 pieces in the Second Outlet as shown below.

Order Synchronization

Order synchronization aims to connect orders that are in iSeller with orders that are in Accurate.

As an example for this article, there are product sales at iSeller, then order synchronization is carried out and you can see the order synchronization data on the Sales menu, then the Sales Invoice sub-menu as shown below.

To see detailed sales details, you can click on a sales invoice and a screen will appear as shown below.

Then you can also see the sales invoice with the Register Report on iSeller as shown below.

On Account Per Customer

ISeller integration with Accurate also supports recording in Accurate when a customer is registered with iSeller to checkout and make payments at a later date.

Registered customers who make payments at a later date will be created a special sales invoice which you can see in Accurate on the Sales menu, then the Sales Invoice sub-menu.

You can also see customer-specific payable listed on the Sales menu, then the Customers sub-menu.

If the registered customer has made a payment at a later date, the status on the sales invoice will change to Paid and the customer's debt balance will be reduced as shown below.

Payout Integration

When a deposit is completed from iSeller, the deposit will also be recorded in Accurate.

To see the deposit records, you can look at the Cash & Bank menu, then the Bank Transfer sub-menu as shown below.

If your shop activates iSeller Payout Express, which will be subject to additional admin fees and will be entered in the estimated account on Accurate by default with the name iSeller Payout Expense as shown below.

Purchase Invoice dan Purchase Return di Accurate

When there is a purchase of goods and a return on the purchase of goods in Accurate, Accurate will send a notification to iSeller as well as update the stock on the iSeller product.

You can see a list of purchase invoices and purchase returns from Accurate on the Webhook Log menu.

You can see a list of synchronized products that are sent from Accurate to iSeller by clicking Show Details, then the following image will appear

After that, you can also click the Action button as shown above to see a list of activities for receiving goods and purchase returns as shown below.

The activity of receiving goods from Accurate will automatically be made as Transfer In at iSeller and item purchase returns from Accurate will be automatically made as Transfer Out to the Supplier which you can see as shown below.

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