In the Accurate article, you have learned an outline of the features, uses and benefits that can be obtained by activating the Accurate add-on. This article will explain more about how to integrate iSeller with Accurate and the features that can be used from the integration of the Accurate add-on with iSeller.

Connect your iSeller Store to Accurate

Step 1: Please click the Apps menu, then select the Accurate add-on as shown below.

Step 2: Once you perform the activation Accurate, it will display a sub-menu Accurate on Apps menu.

Then press the Connect button to continue the integration process.

Step 3: Then you will be directed to the Accurate login page as shown below.

Please enter your Email Address and Password in the fields provided to login to your Accurate store.

Note: If you don't have a Journal account, please register for an Accurate account here.

Step 4: Then you will be directed to a page in the form of several agreements from Accurate as shown below.

Then click the Give Access button to continue integration to Accurate.

Step 5: Then please select the Accurate Online Database that you have created in Accurate as shown below.

Mapping of iSeller Outlets to Accurate Outlets

You can select which outlets you want to integrate with Accurate in the Outlet Mapping panel.

After you select the outlet that you want to integrate, you are required to do an account mapping first as shown below.

On the page above, you can map the iSellerPay MDR Account, Transaction Account, and Payment Account according to what you want.
We have defaulted several payment and sales accounts to make it easier for you to map.

  • Branches: In this column you are required to select the branch that you have created in Accurate or you can add directly on that page. To manage the list of branches in your store such as creating branches, changing branches, and deleting branches, please click here.

  • Warehouse: In this column you are required to select the warehouse that you have created in Accurate or you can add it directly on that page. To manage a warehouse list in your store such as creating a warehouse, changing warehouses, and deleting warehouses, please click here.

  • ISeller Pay MDR Account: In this column you can map iSellerPay payments where the payout will first go to your iSeller account and then iSeller will make a settlement to your account.

  • Payment Account: In this column you can map your payment account to your liking.

  • Transaction Account: In this column you can map transaction accounts according to your wishes.

It should be noted that iSeller provides integration for the first outlet for free. If you activate the integration of more than one outlet, there will be an additional fee for the second outlet and thereafter.

For more information about pricing, please visit the iSeller and Accurate Integration page.

When you have finished selecting the outlet that you want to integrate and do the COA mapping, please click the Activation button as in the image above to complete the Outlet Mapping process.

If there is a green check mark on the outlet that you want to integrate, it means that your outlet has been successfully integrated.

Product Mapping

You can match the product and initial stock between iSeller and Accurate by clicking the Export Product button in the top right corner.

It should be noted, to export products, make sure that all products already have SKUs and there are no duplicate SKUs. If there is a product that does not have a SKU and there is a duplicate SKU, it will not be able to continue the integration activation.

You can see information for problematic products such as the number of products that do not have SKUs and the number of duplicate SKUs as shown above. To see details of the problematic products, please click Show details to view these products.

After you have successfully exported the product to iSeller, please import the product Excel file in Accurate on the Inventory menu, then the Goods & Services sub-menu.


  • If when you import products in Accurate and stock at all outlets you want to be included in Accurate, then when importing the product in Accurate, please click the tick on the marked section as below.

  • It is recommended to import the product only once to Accurate, if there is an addition of a new product and want to import, make sure only the new product has an Excel file.

  • If you have a product serial number, and the product serial number wants to be recorded in Accurate at the time of making a sale without adding the serial number in Accurate, please click tick on the marked section as below

To access these settings, you can go to the menu Settings > Preferences > Restrictions > Other.

Synchronization Schedule Settings

In this panel you can set the schedule for synchronizing sales data and transfers between outlets automatically according to a predetermined schedule and manually.

  • Synchronization of Transfer: When activated, this feature will synchronize the movement of goods from outlet to outlet and adjust the stock of goods at the specified hour. When disabled, it synchronizes manually moving goods.

  • Synchronize Sales: When activated, this feature will synchronize sales when the shift register is closed. When disabled, this feature will synchronize sales at the specified hour.

Activity and Synchronization Status

After you have successfully synchronized sales data, stock data, as well as product transfer data to your shop manually or automatically, then the Synchronization Status panel is filled with data The last date of synchronization and the last status of synchronization.

To see the details of the synchronization that has been done, please click Show Details then a page of synchronization activities that have been done will appear.

The information displayed is order synchronization, synchronization of transfers between outlets, stock adjustments, stock taking, and deposits that are successfully synchronized and those that fail to synchronize.

You can also see the details of the synchronization whose status is Failed and Successful and you can also perform manual synchronization by clicking the button that has been provided in the Action column.

Filtering Sync Activity

If you want to filter your sync list, please click on the funnel logo which is on the top left of the main part of the sync activity page, then you will find the various types of sync activity filters that we have provided.

There are a total of 4 filtering options that you can make to your sync activity list:

  • Status: Status of synchronization. Is Synchronization Status Success, Failed, or Pending.

  • Outlet: Filter of synchronization by outlet where the synchronization is performed.

  • Start Date: Filter syncs based on the date they started.

  • End Date: Filtering synchronization by the date the sync was completed.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated between iSeller and Accurate. For the next step, study the expectations and results obtained in Accurate in the Accurate Integration Results article.

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