iSeller provides an add-on to equalize products, order data and inventory stock with accounting-recorded Jurnals for more organized bookkeeping.

By activating the Jurnal add-on, you will get some of the benefits and integration features of this add-on.

Some of the benefits obtained from the integration between iSeller and the Jurnal:

  • Review Your Profits Live: COGS reports posted directly to the Jurnal can be reviewed live when the product is sold.

  • Bank Reconciliation Made Easy: Jurnal uses daily total sales from iSeller to track payments that come into your account.

  • Automatic Synchronization of Daily Sales: Daily sales, accounts payable/receivable, total payments, inventory orders, refunds and customer information are synchronized directly to the Jurnal.

  • Manage Cash Safely: You can easily see the mismatch between the deposit in the Bank and the daily total amount sent to the Jurnal - including cash payments, petty cash withdrawals and exchange rate movements.

Some of the main features of iSeller integration with Jurnal:

  • Automatic Product Import: Products that are added are only products with SKU numbers that have not been registered in the Jurnal. Product stock will also be synchronized automatically.

  • Product Synchronization: Compare stocks listed in iSeller with those listed in the Jurnal. Select the desired product stock so that everything can be well synchronized.

  • Order Synchronization: You can select synchronization date range, as well as schedule synchronization.

  • Transfer In and Transfer Out: When there is a change in the product inventory stock, either due to a move from outlet to outlet, or when goods come in from the supplier, everything can be connected to the Jurnal. Jurnal will even make stock adjustments so that the inventory stock at each outlet will be adjusted automatically.

To integrate iSeller with Jurnals and what are the features that can be used from the integration of the iSeller add-on with Jurnals, please read the article Jurnal Integration Settings.

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