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When a customer buys a product on fnb online ordering, the order will be integrated with the POS that is connected according to the branch that the customer chooses to deliver or pick up the order. Inside the POS, there are several additional settings that can make it easier for you to manage the online order. Please follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu > General > Scroll down until you find the settings for online ordering.

The following is an explanation for each of these settings.

Repeat Online Order Sound

If activated, then online orders that enter the POS will continue to sound until the order is received. If it is disabled, then the online order that goes to the POS will sound only once when the order is entered.

Enable Online Ordering Interval Checking

If your POS often has difficulty accepting online orders caused by the system, then this button can help you.

If this button is activated, POS will check online orders at certain intervals so that online order notifications can be actively recorded to minimize missed online orders. If it is disabled, then POS just waits for online orders to come without double-checking if any online orders are missed.

Enable Print Online Ordering Register Report

If activated, online orders recorded until close shift will be printed on the register report. If it is deactivated, then online orders that are recorded until close shift cannot be printed on the register report.

Below is the example of register report when close shift

Auto Accept Online Ordering

If it is activated, then every online order that goes to the POS will be automatically accepted in the on going tab. If it is disabled, then online orders that enter the POS have a choice of Accept and Reject or Reject on the on going tab.

Schedule Order Time Window in Minutes

This button is useful for providing the time duration for delivery or pick up scheduled online orders or scheduled online orders to enter the on going tab within the time duration you specify. You can define your desired time duration based on minutes.

The following is an example when there is a scheduled order and the pick up will be at 15:45. So, the order will go to the on going tab to be prepared or cooked at 13:45 or 120 minutes before the order is picked up according to the duration you set.

You have learned the explanation regarding additional settings that can make it easier for cashiers to manage online orders that come in at the POS at your restaurant.

Additional arrangements for F&B Online Ordering at POS have been completed.

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