After you learn how to do outlet mapping, the next step to integrate with Journal V2 is to do product mapping. You can equate the product between iSeller and Journal V2 with the following steps.

NOTES : Before starting the integration, make sure all your products already have an SKU and that there are no identical SKUs for each product.

In addition, there are 2 product mapping conditions that you can do, namely:

  • You have products in iSeller, but don't have them in Journal V2 so you need to import products from iSeller into Journal V2.

  • You have products in Journal V2, but don't have them in iSeller so you need to import products from Journal V2 into iSeller.

Import Products from iSeller to Journal V2

To import products from iSeller to Journal V2, you first need to export products from iSeller.

Step 1: In the Journal V2 panel, please select Export Product.

Select the product date you want to adjust with the Journal > Export.

Step 2: The CSV file will be downloaded automatically and make sure all product data to be imported into the Journal is correct.

Step 3: Import the product to the Journal. On the Products menu > Import Create Product.

Upload a CSV file containing the products to be imported.

Then, adjust the settings below >> Import.

Perform the product import process until it is successful.

Import Products from Journal V2 to iSeller

To import products from Journal V2 to iSeller, you first need to export products from Journal V2.

Step 1: On the Products Menu in Journal V2 > Select Export Product.

Step 2: Adjust product export settings with iSeller > Export.

Step 3: Download the CSV file which is on the menu Import and Export List.

NOTES: You can also download files that have been successfully exported via email notifications sent by the Journal.

Here is the CSV file and adjust the product data to be imported into iSeller.

Step 4: If the CSV file is correct, import the product to iSeller. On the Catalog menu > Products sub menu > Select Import.

Step 5: Select the file to import and carry out the process of importing the product to iSeller until it is successful.

NOTES : If you already have products in both Journal V2 and iSeller, you can import the same product from Journal V2 or from iSeller according to your needs when new products are added.

You have studied Product Mapping between iSeller and Journal V2. Next, you can study the article Syncing and Checking Data from iSeller to Journal V2.

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