iSeller has implemented a daily payout system for you to set on the web admin. Previously, all iSeller transactions were scheduled to payout every H+2 rolling, where the payout process is carried out only twice a week. With the Express Payout feature, you can cash out your sales every day.

To change the payout system for your store, please follow the steps below.
Step 1: Please go to the Payment menu and then to the Payout Settings panel.

Step 2: Then select Express in the Payout Interval.

Express Payout is based on each type of payment and allows you to receive payout every day according to the payment period in each channel which is clearly listed in the Settlement Period Timetable section.

Once Express Payout is activated, iSeller will payout every working day, Monday-Friday and but not on holiday. Settlement for Friday, Saturday and Sunday transactions will be conducted on Monday or the next working day. However, you should also note that Express Payout is subject to an additional admin fee of IDR 3,000 per payout and will be deducted directly from the payout you received.

By providing the Express Payout option, we hope to make it easier for you to process payments and sales that occur in your store.

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