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This article will explain how to change the appearance of the web-admin and view the login history of users you have.

Change Web-Admin Appearance

To change the appearance of the web-admin, just enter the User Settings page which can be accessed via the Settings menu and then the User sub-menu. Then click the pen icon in the account owner section.

In the next display, please click Appearance, then you will find web-admin displays with different color bases.

Please select the web-admin view you want, then click Save to save the changes.

When you click the Save button, the appearance of your web-admin will immediately change.

View Login History

You can view the login history in detail or when the user last entered the iSeller system. To see when the last user entered, simply enter the User Settings page and then look at the Last Login column, which we have marked with a red box.

In that column, you will see the date and also the last time the user entered into the iSeller system. To view the user's login history in detail, please click the pen icon on the user you want to see the login history.

In the display that appears, please click the Login History column and you will find a display like the following.

The table shows the login history of that user. You can see in detail the Login Date, the IP address to track, and the location of that user.

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