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This article explains the security settings of POS users with PIN for web-admin settings. To set the security of POS users with a PIN, please click on the Settings menu then the Users sub-menu. Click the pen icon on the user you want to provide a PIN for as a POS user security.

Adding PIN for New Users

To create a PIN for new users, go to the Settings menu and the Users sub-menu and click Add User button.

Before clicking Add User button, make sure the button next to Change users require PIN is turned on to use the security feature of using a PIN. If activated, the user will be forced to enter the PIN when opening the register in the POS application.

Please fill in General Information such as name, email, telephone number etc. Then, please pay attention to the very bottom where you can fill in a new PIN for that user. The PIN that you created must be 4 random numbers.

PIN Replacement for Users

To change the PIN for old users, please enter the Settings menu and Users sub-menu then click the pen icon on the User you want to change the PIN.

In the next screen, please click the Change PIN button.

Then you will find a new look where you can fill in a new PIN and verify the new PIN. When you have finished changing the new PIN, click Save to apply the new PIN change.

Next is the display when users who already have a PIN enter your POS.

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